Thursday, March 28, 2013

a little bit of this, a little bit of that

Wooo! Totally have been off the blog-dar for awhile, as I was busy settling in from my most recent trip (pics will be up shortly)..However!! as I was getting ready a few weeks ago to pack for my totally exciting journey abroad (raising the roof), I aimed to pack as comfortable and as lightly as possible.  Below are a few items that made it to the top of the Europe Journey A-List!..

Good day!!

 Connect the dots
Detachable shearling collar

 I have been literally itching to try the new captoe trend, as I feel they are edgy with the right splash of classy and sass.. but unfortunately I was having difficulty findng them in my itty bitty size :(.. and then, it was as if my prayers had been answered ::drum roll::; the rare to find size 5 shoe appeared in the VS Collection, and of couse I jumped on these bad boys right away!
All that jingles... fab!

 Floral pants and the horseman
Military Chic

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


So as you read in my previous post, my Saturday was a long one; and it didn't end until late late that evening. After all the running around and craziness, I had to quickly put something together, as it was my younger sibling's birthday celebration. Now this pencil skirt was a steal! I had purchased it sometime back for six bucks!! I popped it on, jazzed up a Van Halen sweatshirt by cutting the bottom and turning it into a crop top, and added my FAVORITE rhinestone earrings! Love the stones! Outfit details are below:

Outfit Details:
Van Halen Sweatshirt: Forever21 (Here)
Pencil Skirt: Forever21 (Similar Here)
Rhinestone Earrings: MyPinkLush (Similar Here)
Neon Yellow Shoes: Aldo (Similar Here)
Clutch: Dor L' Dor (Local Boutique)

Monday, March 4, 2013

"Plaid" in F U L L

Saturday morning through noon was a complete rush, as I spent the day running around stocking up on last minute items for my upcoming trip! Since the weather was beautiful throughout the day, I decided to throw this poncho on that I received as a lovely Christmas gift from the manfriend. He has pretty good taste huh? Below are the outfit details..

Outfit Details
Plaid Poncho: Urban Outfitters (xmas season)
High waisted Black Skinnies: HM
Leopard Booties: Sam Edelman (Here)
Avi Sunnies: Urban Outffiters (Similar Here)
Beanie: FLXX ARMY (
Bag: Aldo (Here)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Few Little Things....

A few little things……
……….I cannot live without!
Talk about obsessive huh? These items are essential to my wardrobe; definitely at the top of my fave list. Aviator sunnies were actually one of the first shades I ever wore, and it was love at first “sight”; never “looked” back. The red beanie is my “when in doubt” go-to or pair with everything just because, kind of thing. Spiked bracelets by ALDO, simply a must have; can be paired with any watch and/or any other arm candy.  MAC’s Crème D’ Nude speaks for itself, who doesn’t like a nude lip? Turkish Delight by NARS is the loveliest semi-nude pink gloss I’ve come across thus far; perfect for day and night. I don’t about you ladies, but I find my eyelashes to be the most important feature on my face. I feel like that’s what gives extra definition. I literally spend 10 minutes on my lashes everyday using Maybelline’s Mega Plush Lashes. One word: perfection.  Oh my “ Lola!” This fragrance adds a soft touch to any look. Best part, it lasts all day!! But by far what I find most important on here is, :::drum roll pleaseeeee:: double stick tape!! I carry it in my purse at all times. You never know when you or a friend can have a slight wardrobe malfunction, and the tape will serve as your hero! Shirt hangs too low? A possible tear? Off the shoulder blouse can’t remain steady?  Well, let’s “correct” the issue.
What are your slight, go-to obsessions?