Monday, April 15, 2013

iPrep; now PREPare yourself

You lucky folks get two posts today!!! :), as I am trying to catch up with all my latest outfits worn. 

Now in this look we have a whole lot of fun, chic, and style going on. I bought these soccer pants sometime back, but never found any use for them. As I was cleaning my closet one day (draggg) I noticed my neon babies lingering around and I wondered how the two would look if paired together. Voila! I think it looks rather fabulous! The Prep tee shirt was purchased from some friends that have recently launched a new line of clothes. I immediately fell in love with the shield, and decided to add a little touch of edward scissorhands, and crop off the bottom part! Congratulations to the PREP ERA team, as their work is great and will only continue to evolve. For more info and products, please visit their site and follow them on IG.

P.S. I used hair ties to tighten the bottoms of the pants.

Outfit Details
Soccer Pants: ADIDAS Store
Crest Tee Shirt:
Neon pumps: Aldo
Moto Jacket: Marshalls

from paris, with love

Finally after about a month (pardon me), I will be sharing a few pics from my recent trip overseas.

1) First stop!: The Eiffel Tower, one of the most famous landmarks in the world. It was absolutely stunning when lit during the late evening hours.
2) Peek-a-boo: Taking a tour of the city during the early morning hours on our way to see historical landmarks.
3) This photo makes me chuckle. I feel as though the background looks like a back drop, but it's totally not! How awesome does that look? the tower was behind us all morning ( well at least i thought so, LOL)
4) This photo was taken from the the top of the Eiffel Tower, the view was absolutely breath taking! Literally, because many had a fear of heights.
5) Tired of the wheels: this next image was taken during a mini cruise ride along the Seine River. Not only did I feel like a tourist because of the knowledge fed throughout, but I totally looked like one! As i sported a NY Yankees adjustable cap!
6) Palace of Versailles: one word: GORGEOUS! I took one too many pictures of inside the palace to upload on here. But here we get a view of part of the Garden of Versailles.
7) D.D.D: Totally not planned! As our mornings were quite rushed, I assumed we all thought these were some simple pieces to wear together. Doesn't it look like we are doing a denim advertisement? LOL
8) Buildings throughout the city
9) Sigh. Last night in Paris at "Le Mix" nightclub. Beautiful memories


Friday, April 5, 2013

make that an order for me too! : varsity blues

There's just something about these jackets that absolutely excites me. The moment I saw them featured in a magazine, I knew I too had to be a proud owner of the Varsity Blues; and so I did. I finally decided to take advantage and wear it on a casual night out with friends. 21 bucks was a steal for this bad boy folks!

Denim: Similar Here
Old Aldo Pumps

Good Day! :)