Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Few Little Things....

A few little things……
……….I cannot live without!
Talk about obsessive huh? These items are essential to my wardrobe; definitely at the top of my fave list. Aviator sunnies were actually one of the first shades I ever wore, and it was love at first “sight”; never “looked” back. The red beanie is my “when in doubt” go-to or pair with everything just because, kind of thing. Spiked bracelets by ALDO, simply a must have; can be paired with any watch and/or any other arm candy.  MAC’s Crème D’ Nude speaks for itself, who doesn’t like a nude lip? Turkish Delight by NARS is the loveliest semi-nude pink gloss I’ve come across thus far; perfect for day and night. I don’t about you ladies, but I find my eyelashes to be the most important feature on my face. I feel like that’s what gives extra definition. I literally spend 10 minutes on my lashes everyday using Maybelline’s Mega Plush Lashes. One word: perfection.  Oh my “ Lola!” This fragrance adds a soft touch to any look. Best part, it lasts all day!! But by far what I find most important on here is, :::drum roll pleaseeeee:: double stick tape!! I carry it in my purse at all times. You never know when you or a friend can have a slight wardrobe malfunction, and the tape will serve as your hero! Shirt hangs too low? A possible tear? Off the shoulder blouse can’t remain steady?  Well, let’s “correct” the issue.
What are your slight, go-to obsessions?


  1. That duct tape idea is brilliant, need to add this to my essentials :) Great post.

    x Angie